FC Barcelona Foundation supports inclusive sport
Jordi Masip, Sergi Roberto, Sergio Busquets, Ivan Rakitic and Leo Messi. That is a dream 5-a-side football team by any standards. But how would the star-studded quintet be able to perform if they had their eyes covered? Well, that’s exactly what happens in this video, where they compete blindfold against members of the Spanish national 5-a-side blind football team.
It’s completely new territory for the Barça players, but Pedro Gutiérrez, Jose Luis Giera, Javier Álvaro, Francisco Javier Pérez, Marcelo Rosado and Sergio Cano are on hand to show them the basics.
As well being a lot of fun, there was also a serious side. The video was made by the FC Barcelona Foundation, UNICEF and the International Paralympic Committee on occasion of the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, which opened on Wednesday. It symbolises the essence of inclusive sport by showing how implicated the first team players are in the work being done by the Foundation, with their shared conviction that all children have the right to play, and that their abilities should not matter.

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